Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy NSD!!!

It's National Scrapbook Day, hooray!  I hope you all had a fun time chatting and scooping up kits with all the fantastic sales!  

My store will be 40% off through tomorrow, go check it out!

Here is a little freebie for you all.  Enjoy!!

Now, if you've made it down this far in the post, you must be a loyal blog follower and you deserve a special coupon.

This weekend only, get a free kit $2.99 or less (everything in my store is 2.99 or less this weekend) with a $5.00 purchase!!

Use coupon code: NSDROCKS

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!
Happy Scrappin'

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Got Back

I was in Florida for vacation last week and we had a blast!!  We went to Seaworld and the rest of the time was pool time and relaxation.  Of course, now I'm behind again in designing, but I'll catch up eventually!  

While I was on vacation I got great news!  I applied for a position in a Physical Therapist Assistant program at a local college here.  It is very hard to get into because they only choose 30 each year and I got in, woohoo!!  I really feel it is meant to be because I have already found the perfect little in home daycare for Zachary and Aidan and they can still go to preschool!  I'm so excited but a little nervous.  I have to take Anatomy and Physiology this summer starting May 18th online.  Both courses squeezed into two months after being out of school 6 years, yikes!!  I hope I find my student mentality quickly.

Now, this weekend is National Scrapbooking Day and you don't want to miss out on all of the great sales going on.  My entire store is going to be on sale for 40% off.  I'm not planning on having another big sale like this for awhile, so go shopping now!  

I am starting an "Inspired By Disney" line of products.  We are going to Disney in December and I want enough kits for my album when we get back, so I'm starting now.  Ready for this weekend will be Around The World, inspired by It's A Small World and Rogue Robot, inspired by Wall-E, each only $1.50!

I also have a new Birthday kit, Birthday Sweets, and matching glitter in my store!

And here is a layout I made with Birthday Sweets!

Happy Scrappin'